Yakso Seitan in Tamari Sauce ORG 6X700ml

Yakso Seitan in Tamari Sauce ORG 700ml

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    SSeitan is made from wheat. It is therefore rich in proteins and - unlike meat - contains no cholesterol at all and a very low fat percentage. It originates from the Eastern macrobiotic cuisine and is increasingly used in a healthy diet with less or no meat. The versatility and the fact that the structure is very similar to that of meat makes seitan very attractive in all kinds of recipes.

    Bjorn Andringa: “We make our Yakso Seitan according to a traditional recipe. This gives it a nice, firm texture. Additionally, it is also extremely rich in vegetable proteins. This makes it a tasty and nutritious alternative to meat. Very tasty in a curry, spaghetti, burrito or wrap. And finely chopped, you can also replace it with minced meat.”

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    Water, WHEATGLUTEN*, WHEATFLOUR*, tamari* (SOYABEANS*, water, salt, aspergillus oryzae), Kombu (seaweed), ginger*, laurel*. *Verified organically grown.

    Storage advice

    Keep in the fridge after opening and consume within 3 days

    Nutritional values

    kJ 419,0
    Kcal 101,0
    Protein 17,2
    Carbohydrates 7,2
    Of which sugars 0,1
    Fat 0,5
    Of which saturated 0,1
    Fibres 0,7
    Salt 0,5