Yakso crispy tempeh sweet soy sauce with orange slices

1 jar of Yakso tempeh
Yakso coconut oil
Yakso sambal brandal
Coconut blossom syrup 

Yakso soy sauce manis
3 slices of fresh ginger
red onions
2 cloves of fresh garlic 
Four seasons of pepper
Pinch of sea salt

A recipe to lick your fingers. Rich, crispy with a warming taste experience!

Prepration method:

1. Cut the tempeh into dice and rub it with pepper, salt and crushed garlic. Fry them golden brown and crispy in coconut oil.

2. Add the onion rings, the orange slices, ginger and a few good spoonfuls of sambal brandal. Let this simmer for 15 minutes. Then heat up considerably and deglaze with a dash of coconut blossom syrup and Ketjap.

3. Remove the ginger slices and serve with a bowl of Ketjap in which you put a few cloves of garlic for an extra taste experience. Delicious to sprinkle on a side dish such as rice, for example, and with some snippets of red onion as an extra. A recipe to lick your fingers and leave only the orange peels.

  Tip: also delicious with

Yakso ketjap asinYou can also serve it with a dish of rice with sweet soy sauce, garlic and finely chopped onions. 


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