Yakso Crispy Onions ORG 8X100g

Yakso Crispy Onions ORG 100g

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    A savory seasoning, gives your bami or fried rice a crunchy twist! In addition, it is very tasty on salads, (vegan) burgers and soup.

    We make fried onions from fresh onion, which we provide with a layer of dough (made from wheat flour), then we fry it in vegetable oil. That ensures the crispy bite!

    Tip; Sprinkle them over your dish just before serving to keep them crispy.



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    onions* (75%), palmoil*, WHEAT FLOUR*, salt

    Storage advice

    Store in a cool, dark and dry place

    Nutritional values

    kJ 2.450,0
    Kcal 590,0
    Protein 6,0
    Carbohydrates 40,0
    Of which sugars 9,0
    Fat 44,0
    Of which saturated 21,0
    Fibres 5,0
    Salt 1,2