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Fancy an easy and healthy dish? With our authentic noodles, rice and egg noodles you can produce and serve a tasty and healthy dish in no time!
Season it with our spice paste, stir-fry or wok sauce and combine it with our delicious fresh seitan, jackfruit or tofu. Like extra spicy? Use our sambal! And make your dishes extra tasty with our fried onions, gomasio or seroendeng.Our Ketjap and soy sauces should not be missing in your kitchen cupboard!

Tip; with our mini papadums, krukup and rice chips you always have a good starter, dessert or side dish

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Authentic flavors. Everything organic!

De basic ingredients for your Asian dishes

Coconut oil

Organic coconut oil; delicious for baking, roasting or stir-frying!

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Rice & noodles

Authentic noodles (mie), noodles and basmati rice as a basis for Eastern dishes. Plus make the most delicious spring rolls from rice paper.

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Side dishes

Ginger syrup as a seasoning and delicious side dishes, such as bamboo shoots, fried onions and Atjar Tjampoer!

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Meat substitutes

Want less or no meat? Discover our tasty alternatives, such as; jackfruit, tempeh, seitan or the slightly softer tofu.

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Soy sauce and sweet soy sauce

These original Japanese soy sauces; shoyu and tamari are indispensable in the kitchen! Just like our traditional seasoning Ketjap Manis!

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Spice paste

A mixture of spices, finely ground with onion and fresh garlic. Bake briefly and use it to enhance all flavors.

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Sambal en harissa

Made from fresh peppers and herbs. From slightly spicy, spicy to extra spicy add ons in sauces, marinades and in a stew.

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Chili, hot & Satay sauce

Add extra flavor? Use extra spicy sauce, chili sauce, sweet spring roll sauce and/or our traditional peanut sauce!

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Chips and snacks

Fancy gluten-free papadums or vegan krupuk? Also try our savory Java chips and our delicious crunchy rice chips.

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Wok sauce

Fancy a spicy sauce or a fruity taste sensation? You can have a delicious dish on the table super fast! Delicious with Yakso rice, noodles, meat substitutes and lots of vegetables!

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Stir-fry sauce

Fancy a healthy meal that can be on the table quickly? Then use our mild or spicy stir-fry sauce, made from natural ingredients. Combine it with rice, noodles and cassava chips!

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A light spicy lentil soup, Indian peanut soup or soup prepared with coconut milk. Super tasty and suitable for any time of the day. Discover them all!

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Vegan seasonings!

Oyster sauce, hoisin sauce, fish sauce and garlic; the basis for many dishes. We would like to use these seasonings in vegan dishes as well! We started with a recipe and the right taste experience, and we succeeded! Meet the Sea Sauce (vegan alternative to fish sauce) and the versatile Vegan Oyster Sauce, the beloved hoisin sauce and chopped garlic!

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Discover the tasty vegan krupuk 

We make this super tasty, crunchy krupuk from vegetable ingredients such as leeks, peppers, carrots, onions, tapoica, ginger and a nice mix of spices and vegetables. A perfect alternative to traditional krupuk (shrimp-based). Suitable for vegetarians and vegans and very popular in Asian dishes.

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Our beloved spice paste

in plastic-free, resealable packaging!

We recently received new packaging for our spice pastes. It not only looks very tasteful in your kitchen cupboard, it is also more practical to use and more sustainable! A conscious choice that suits our Yakso products.

Try them all; Thai Red, Nasi/Bami, Beef Stew Rendang, Vegetables Sajoer, Soto Soup.

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With Yakso you can go wild in the kitchen. Go to a health food store or specialty store and make the most delicious Eastern dishes at home. Need inspiration?